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More than 50 suppliers under one roof

price comparison of different providers 
with direct booking

advanced user management 
(multiple branches, rights of individual users,...)

multilingual support with innovative
reservation mask (ti  Easy mask )

Illustrated Waves

Why do users love using Smart?

all reservations in one place

reservations of various products -  flight+accommodation, accommodation only, excursion/travel, additional services,...

creation of several branches, setting of individual rights
users, targeting sales using various settings

quick and easy to use  

license model for everyone

Dashboard - entry point 

Screenshot 2022-07-05 at 09.04.55.png

- review of all reservations

- reservation statistics 

- various reports on revenue and bookings


Screenshot 2022-07-05 at 09.06.40.png

Search for offers

- divided by types of offers (e.g. accommodations,
excursions, packages,..)

- comparison of several offers, e.g. in different
regions, countries,.. 

- comparison of different services for a specific
object or offer 

- direct availability check and calculation 
prices for all passengers 

- innovative search by various parameters

- for trips / trips, also reservations 
of seats, dynamic addition of rooms, etc.


Innovative basket 

- advanced sending settings (e.g. without name of 
tour operator,..)

- sharing the basket with other users

- archive of offers, individualization of accompanying texts,...

Screenshot 2022-07-05 at 09.22.29.png

- standardized reservation orders for all suppliers
in the system

- the possibility of changing services on the reservation

quick and easy booking even for beginners in 


A simple reservation mask

Painted Greek Island

Have we convinced you to use it? 

more information also by e-mail to


Licensing Model - Product as a Service (SAAS) 







monthly or quarterly billing 

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