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Palma, one of the first tour operators in the ORS system

"With ORS, as one of the first tour operators in Slovenia, we embarked on a direct connection to our internal reservation system. It was 2008 when we started talking about a direct connection to their system. We were actually the first tourism company that embarked on the creation of such an extensive project. The biggest challenge was to ensure a technically adequate export of data or offers, and it was also necessary to ensure the so-called booking communication, which, in addition to the reservation itself, also included the calculation of the total price for all passengers, the possibility of cancellations, options and much more Together, we also had to create a method of so-called object mapping, which in practice means that the objects we export (hotels, apartments,...) are standardized to a single ID or denominator for the purposes of uniform display with other providers. energy, good will and quick and easy mutual communication. We have been partners for more than 10 years and we are all very proud of that". Palma team


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